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"Our cultural legacy" is a project that was born in November 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden.


Our motivation and main goal is to truly pay a tribute to cultural legacy. The great diversity and the various cultures forming our generation are a strength for the youth, and an amazing topic that brings people together. We are all involved, through a great family history or the narrowest relation, by the belonging to a country far away or a neighboring one, in this different culture that feels familiar despite all.


Our generation is a digital and globalized generation. The evolutions spawned by these huge shifts, such as a considerable access to travelling, to information (through books or the internet), to culture, to the power of social media, represent a unique opportunity to collectively level up. It is our duty to take part in this change, and to create something that matters.


« Our Culture Legacy » needed to be conveyed via a format blending minimalism and solidity to carry the very nature of the project: testimonies of women and men from diverse horizons. “Our Cultural Legacy” will be first and foremost a photography book, presenting intimiste portraits of volunteers who managed to share their relation to their “cultural legacy” through related testimonies. Showing that, in an indelible way, whatever our native country or language is, our story, our parents’ story and the story of our ancestors is a strength and an everlasting component of who we are today.


Whether it is through our name, our surname, the color of our skin, food, language or our hair, this story is imprinted in us. Our differences strengthen us and make us feel complete.


Leaving a trace to the next generation, the generation that could be ashamed of this wealth or simply forget about it, is crucial. “Our cultural legacy » celebrates this wealth and makes it a pride for all of us. Those origins, as diverse as they can be, are our common legacy. What unites us.

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